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BGP Communities 🏷️

We have implemented BGP communities to do traffic engineering.


Replace x by 0 - Do not announce
Replace x by 1 - Prepend x1
Replace x by 2 - Prepend x2
Replace x by 3 - Prepend 3


62000:500X - For all transit
62000:501X - For F5 AS35280
62000:502X - For HE AS6939
62000:503X - For CogentCo AS174
62000:504X - For Orange OTI AS5511
62000:505X - For Orange RBCI AS3215
62000:506X - For Datacamp AS60068
62000:507X - For Ielo Bulk AS57179
62000:508X - For Init7 AS13030
62000:509X - For Level3 AS3356


62000:550X - For all peering
62000:551X - For FranceIX Paris
62000:552X - For FranceIX Marseille
62000:553X - For FranceIX Lyon
62000:554X - For Hopus
62000:555X - For Hetzner PNI